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Two Poems For The Month Of Testing

T. S. Eliot, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the bubble test.

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A Trifecta Of Sins

How should we be thinking about the recent cheating scandals?

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Scared Sleepless

When quantitative social indicators are used for social decision-making, corruption arises; that’s Campbell’s Law. So where do we go from there in terms of testing?

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Public Good — Or Commodity?

A quote from Claude Steele — the new Dean of Education at Stanford — combined with other discussions John Merrow had in the past week to form an integral question about American education.

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Digital Natives, Or Digital Citizens?

How can we make today’s students less consumers of technology — and more the innovators behind it?

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A Modest Proposal To Save Test Prep

John analyzes Jerry Brown’s new reduction-of-test-prep plan in California.

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The Values Behind ‘Value-Added’

John investigates the new turn towards “value-added” measures in education.

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