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A Story About Michelle Rhee That No One Will Print

Michelle Rhee is known as the woman who, during her tenure as Chancellor of DC’s public schools, took on a corrupt and failing system and shook it up. The rest of the story is rarely mentioned, not even in the press. It should be.

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Michelle Rhee and the Washington Post

Why is Washington in denial? Fear of Michelle Rhee’s wrath? An unwavering commitment to 2007’s great narrative about the fearless young reformer who “challenged failing schools and incompetent teachers”? I wish I knew the answer.

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Penetrating the Smokescreen

A great deal has happened since “Michelle Rhee’s Reign of Error” appeared in this space two weeks ago.

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Who Created “Michelle Rhee”?

Who created the public phenomenon known as “Michelle Rhee”? The one that’s has become America’s most prominent education activist. She’s loved by some, hated and/or feared by others. Who created that character, that symbol?

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Michelle Rhee’s Reign of Error

With the indictment of former Atlanta School Superintendent Beverly A. Hall and 34 other public school employees in a massive cheating scandal, the time is right to re-examine other situations of possible illegal behavior by educators. Washington, DC, belongs at the top of that list.

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The Missing Memo

What follows is the story of a missing memo, numerous attempts to unearth it using the Freedom of Information Act, confidential sources, apparently lost email, and new questions about Michelle Rhee’s decision not to investigate widespread erasures on an important standardized test during her first year in Washington, DC.

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Meet Adell Cothorne

Adell Cothorne, the former DC principal who appears in our Frontline film, “The Education of Michelle Rhee,” was one of the few educators willing to speak on the record about the widespread erasures during Michelle Rhee’s tenure – and what she has to say is important.

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