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Meet Adell Cothorne

Adell Cothorne, the former DC principal who appears in our Frontline film, “The Education of Michelle Rhee,” was one of the few educators willing to speak on the record about the widespread erasures during Michelle Rhee’s tenure – and what she has to say is important.

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Two Poems For The Month Of Testing

T. S. Eliot, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the bubble test.

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Asking Questions

How does one run a panel? John has some ideas.

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Drowning In A Rising Tide Of…

Almost 30 years after ‘A Nation at Risk,’ is the tide of mediocrity still rising? Does Washington have the solution?

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Going For The Gold

John Merrow’s got a business model idea. It could be revolutionary…

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A Simple Innovation: Spend The Money Wisely

With all the talk of innovation in education, wouldn’t it be best to simplify the discussion down to a few key points? John Merrow makes that attempt.

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What Do Teachers Do?

John wonders: is there one word that can describe the true role of a teacher?

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