Where Is The Charter School Movement Heading?

How much does a sign reading “CHARTER SCHOOL” reveal about the education being offered inside the building? My answer: About as much as a ’RESTAURANT’ sign reveals about the food it serves. That is, nothing at all.

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“Sit and Stare” to Prepare for Democracy?

Why did thousands and thousands of students opt out of standardized testing this spring? Which tests did they choose to skip? And how did school leaders react? Did they punish, ignore, or–horrors–reward the protesting students?

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The Tenure/LIFO Court Decision

“Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t!!!” I wasn’t present when AFT President Randi Weingarten and NEA President Dennis van Roekel heard about “Vergara vs California,” but it’s easy to imagine them uttering an expletive (or two or three).

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Who Benefits From Teacher Turnover?

Because complex stories invariably involve both winners and losers, journalists are schooled to ask ‘“Who benefits?” when doing their reporting. Who benefits from teacher turnover?

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Mending School

With some students taking bubble tests in art, music and physical education, have we gone over the cliff? Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets, and his “Mending Wall” inspired this effort, which I call “Mending School.”

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Sixty Years After Brown

Let’s pause to remember the brave men and women who had the courage to challenge legal school segregation.

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Telling the Truth About NAEP Scores

When the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the 12th grade reading scores last week, the supporters of the status quo were hard pressed to come up with anything positive to say.

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