Why Teachers are Leaving

Why are so many teachers leaving our classrooms? What’s happening in North Carolina – where some counties are experiencing a 35% turnover rate – could be the canary in the mine.

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A Belated Valentine for Teachers

Every once in a while someone asks me, “Who’s the very best teacher you’ve ever met?” In fact, a retired AT&T executive-turned-teacher asked me that just a few nights ago over dinner, which prompts this Valentine to great teachers everywhere.

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Justice Denied…

Federal FOIA laws make most federal government documents a matter of public record… but my experience with DCPS for nearly two years involves some combination of incompetence, foot-dragging and duplicity.

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Teaching With Heart

I began reading Teaching with Heart early this morning. Hours–and a few tears–later, I emerged, feeling stronger personally–and more optimistic about education’s future.

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Refereeing a Rigged Fight

When I read “A Battle over School Reform: Michelle Rhee versus Diane Ravitch” two weeks ago, I felt as if I had entered a time warp.

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Take This Test (Please)

These five test questions may explain why American students score lower than their counterparts in most other advanced nations.

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It’s Greek to Me

The Greek term for ‘doctor-caused’ problems is Iatrogenesis. It seems to me that the widespread cheating in American schools is the result of the educational equivalent of iatrogenesis. It is educator-caused, the result of threats and intense pressure to raise scores on standardized tests.

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