Sixty Years After Brown

Let’s pause to remember the brave men and women who had the courage to challenge legal school segregation.

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Telling the Truth About NAEP Scores

When the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the 12th grade reading scores last week, the supporters of the status quo were hard pressed to come up with anything positive to say.

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10,000 Hours of Education History….And Counting

The Learning Matters archive consists of approximately 10,000 hours (and counting) of broadcast quality video and audio covering 40 tumultuous years of American public education. How can we make it accessible to scholars, students, reporters and others?

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Choosing Kindergarten – Or Not

In 39 of our 50 states, politicians and other (so-called) leaders have chosen to ignore the fundamental needs of the young. Whether these adults are ignorant, cheap, selfish or inflexibly ideological is not clear; but what is obvious is that, by failing to provide kindergarten, these decision-makers have decided to keep the playing field tilted in favor of the economically comfortable.

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The Common Core Brouhaha

These days one needs a scorecard to keep track of the politics of education: The Common Core, the two national tests now being piloted, bubble test fatigue, the opt-out movement, opposition to top-down technocrats, and the ‘commodification’ of education–all are factors in a serious brouhaha.

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Thanking Sam Halperin

In my 40 years as an education reporter, I have been helped by more people than I can name here, but I owe my career to one man, Samuel Halperin.

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Seize the Day

Two related stories on following one’s heart and intuition.

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