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Education Predictions for 2012

Is the year — with a Presidential election on tap — that we finally have broad discussions on the new role of public education?

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What are you thankful for in education?

John Merrow’s last blog post of 2011 looks at what we should be thankful for — and what we still have to worry about.

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Where do teachers come from?

A blog post inspired, in part, by John’s breakfast with Marshall “Mike” Smith of the Clinton administration.

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The teacher quiz, and the ‘other one percent’

John Merrow opines on who “the one percent” really should be construed as — plus, a video quiz on how much you really know about the American teaching profession.

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Is teaching a team sport?

John Merrow looks to the World Series for inspiration on an idea about teaching.

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Be careful what you wish for

John Merrow offers up a simple request to both his liberal and conservative friends in the ed world.

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Honoring teachers — again?

There are literally hundreds of different “teachers’ days” all over the world, including October 5′s “World Teachers’ Day,” but John Merrow has a broader, albeit a modest, proposal regarding all of them.

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