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Something’s Coming (Something Good)

“Something there is that doesn’t love more bubble tests And students bubbling and learning how to bubble When they might be making robots or reading Frost….” When I adapted Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall” earlier this year, I was aware of the growing resentment among parents, teachers and students toward machine-scored tests and test-prep. However, I [...]

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Arne Duncan’s Moment of Truth

As two powerful forces collide at this moment in educational history, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has an opportunity to make a mid-course correction that could save public education.

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Education Predictions for 2012

Is the year — with a Presidential election on tap — that we finally have broad discussions on the new role of public education?

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What are you thankful for in education?

John Merrow’s last blog post of 2011 looks at what we should be thankful for — and what we still have to worry about.

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Questioning the conventional wisdom

In some cases, advice like “stop” or “slow down” can be BAD for those involved — and this is the case more often than not in some education discussions.

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Do you want your kids on THAT bus?

John Merrow rails against one element of the current education system.

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Honoring teachers — again?

There are literally hundreds of different “teachers’ days” all over the world, including October 5′s “World Teachers’ Day,” but John Merrow has a broader, albeit a modest, proposal regarding all of them.

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