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Choosing Kindergarten – Or Not

In 39 of our 50 states, politicians and other (so-called) leaders have chosen to ignore the fundamental needs of the young. Whether these adults are ignorant, cheap, selfish or inflexibly ideological is not clear; but what is obvious is that, by failing to provide kindergarten, these decision-makers have decided to keep the playing field tilted in favor of the economically comfortable.

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Subtracting to Add

States are cutting preschool spending now, but they don’t have to–if they are willing to think outside the box. They could take a great leap forward, provide free, high quality, universal preschool for all of our 4-year-olds, and rescue our 12th graders from boredom at the same time.

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Education Predictions for 2012

Is the year — with a Presidential election on tap — that we finally have broad discussions on the new role of public education?

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What are you thankful for in education?

John Merrow’s last blog post of 2011 looks at what we should be thankful for — and what we still have to worry about.

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The teacher quiz, and the ‘other one percent’

John Merrow opines on who “the one percent” really should be construed as — plus, a video quiz on how much you really know about the American teaching profession.

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A new idea: shared poetry

Could YouTube and Robert Frost transform education? They just might be able to.

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Questioning the conventional wisdom

In some cases, advice like “stop” or “slow down” can be BAD for those involved — and this is the case more often than not in some education discussions.

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