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Be careful what you wish for

John Merrow offers up a simple request to both his liberal and conservative friends in the ed world.

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The intersection of technology and test scores

John Merrow examines the intersection point for two discussions within education: “the rising role of technology” and “the reliance on bubble tests as an assessment tool.” Where do they meet, and what can we do?

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The pendulum swings, and choices await

John Merrow looks at the ‘pendulum swings’ of American society, including those in beer sales, radio stations and textbooks. What does it mean for education? You’ll see.

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Two Town Halls, and a peek into the future

John Merrow on the two “Town Hall” events he attended at the end of August 2011 — and what it tells us about the future of education journalism.

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Steven Brill and the berated dog

John Merrow looks at Steven Brill’s new book.

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The meaning of the rain

John Merrow on songs about rain — and how that fits into the national education discussion.

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An ‘act of war?’

John Merrow looks at the recent change in NCLB standards.

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