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What are you thankful for in education?

John Merrow’s last blog post of 2011 looks at what we should be thankful for — and what we still have to worry about.

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Moving the chair, at Penn State and in education

John Merrow relates the current scandal at Penn State back to the broader field of education.

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Is teaching a team sport?

John Merrow looks to the World Series for inspiration on an idea about teaching.

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Energizing the 80

In Hamlet, we learn that ‘the play’s the thing.’ John Merrow thinks it could be too — but in a different, broader context.

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Do you want your kids on THAT bus?

John Merrow rails against one element of the current education system.

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An ‘act of war?’

John Merrow looks at the recent change in NCLB standards.

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The ‘alien structure’ of education, and other thoughts

John Merrow on the Atlanta cheating scandal, the rise of testing, the Save Our Schools rally, and much more.

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