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Michelle Rhee’s High-Priced PR

Michelle Rhee has spent about $2 million to buy the public relations services of Anita Dunn and SKDKnickerbocker. It’s a continuing relationship that goes back to early in Rhee’s Chancellorship in Washington, and it’s probably the best money Rhee has ever spent.

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Hypocrisy and the Washington Post

Is there any limit to the hypocrisy of the Washington Post’s Editorial Page? What brings this to mind is the Post’s recent editorial attacking the District of Columbia’s Inspector General, Charles Willoughby, whose work the same editorial writers had praised a year earlier.

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Justice Denied…

Federal FOIA laws make most federal government documents a matter of public record… but my experience with DCPS for nearly two years involves some combination of incompetence, foot-dragging and duplicity.

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NAEP and “Getting Tough on Teachers”

When the scores on the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) were released, much was made of gains registered in Washington, DC. I understand spin and the desire of those responsible for current policies to want to make things look good, but the rest of us need to take a deep breath and a second look.

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No More Rhee

I am done reporting about Michelle Rhee.

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A Story About Michelle Rhee That No One Will Print

Michelle Rhee is known as the woman who, during her tenure as Chancellor of DC’s public schools, took on a corrupt and failing system and shook it up. The rest of the story is rarely mentioned, not even in the press. It should be.

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Is Michelle Rhee a Fraud?

Michelle Rhee looked the other way when presented with pretty strong evidence that adults, not students, were responsible for the suspicious erasures. Perhaps she was putting her own career ahead of the interests of children. Does that make her a fraud? That’s your call, not ours.

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