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Six premises, seven ideas for better teacher training

John Merrow looks at six premises of teacher training — and then, proposes seven ideas to improve it.

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An ‘act of war?’

John Merrow looks at the recent change in NCLB standards.

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David Brooks, Diane Ravitch, and the education wars

John Merrow examines the recent David Brooks op-ed column taking Diane Ravitch to task, and how it fits into the overall public education reform discussion.

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The play’s the thing

John Merrow writes of an important life lesson he learned as a teacher in 1966.

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Test question — can you spell ‘blackmail?’

Tweet As always, remember that John’s book The Influence of Teachers is for sale at Amazon. If memory serves, years ago a group of students at a California high school deliberately filled in incorrect answers on a test the state used to evaluate its schools, thereby guaranteeing that the school would sink in the rankings. [...]

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Can this marriage be saved?

Mitch Daniels and his happy remarriage. Kate and Wills. Newt and No. 3. Maybe we should be talking about another marriage, though.

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The joys of jargon

Can you drill down (and through) jargon to figure out what’s really being said?

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