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Is Teaching a Profession, an Occupation, a Calling, or a Job?

Can teaching be a true profession if you can’t take a bathroom break when nature calls?

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41 Years Later…

Has our obsession with beating others worked? Is it working now? Have years and years of “education reform” produced the kinds of schools and students that we are proud of?

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Why ‘WD-40′ Is Not Known As ‘WD-1′

Students need to know that adults try and fail and fail and fail–and keep on trying. More than that, they need to experience failure.

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Good Stuff

When my wife and I moved recently, the process forced me to dig through piles of stuff and discard what I didn’t care enough about to pack and then unpack. In the process I came across some really good stuff, and that triggered this list of books, organizations, films, and websites that I value.

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Running in Place?

I wrote the paragraphs below nearly five years ago. Besides changing a few names, how much revision is needed to make the observations accurate in mid-2015? Perhaps we haven’t been running in place, but I am convinced that we are fighting the wrong battle in the last war.

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As Florida Goes…

Something’s significant seems to be happening in the complex world of public education. The Common Core testing has been the catalyst, but what’s now going on appears to be a much bigger deal.

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The Opt-Out Opportunity

Does the opt-out movement have legs? Or could what some are calling a ‘revolution’ just be nothing more than normal growing pains for the Common Core State Standards? Whichever of those is accurate, it’s also a rare opportunity to rethink the wisdom of the strange path we are heading down.

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