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Schools Cannot Do It Alone

The familiar cliché turns up in a lot of conversations with educators. Normally the emphasis is on the last word, rarely on the fourth. But I believe that “it” is the key word. Just what is the “it” that schools are supposed to do? Rarely do we examine that question.

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The Return of the School Sleuth

For the last 18 months or so, three colleagues and I have been immersed in educational technology, trying to figure out how it is being used and abused in our schools.

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What’s Ahead in 2015

What kind of year can we expect for public education?

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When the Going Got Tough, Why Did Ferguson’s Schools Go South?

What to make of public schools in Ferguson, Missouri, closing their doors on both occasions, while the local public library kept its doors open–and functioned as a school?

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Gifts for Education Wonks and Others

Because I believe that books are a great gift for those interested in public education, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions, with the caveat that I do not have time to read most of the hundred-plus education-related books that come to me during the year.

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The Adventures of Sampleman

And now, we bring you this week’s episode of “The Adventures of Sampleman.”

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Opting Out

What to make of recent events in Colorado, where thousands of high school seniors refused to take a state-mandated standardized test? Is this a harbinger of things to come, an American version of “Arab Spring,” or was it an isolated incident with slight significance beyond the Rocky Mountain State?

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